An I-80 Road Trip around the Wyoming Church Plants of Forever West

Occasionally we will have someone take a vision tour where they can see what God is doing in the new churches in Wyoming.  I (Chris) get to travel often to support our church planters and investigate new areas where churches should be planted.  Let's take a quick trip around the state to celebrate!

Starting in Cheyenne (our capital city), you would see a city with a great need for a strong church.  We have been praying and traveling and meeting with folks in that city all year and see the beginnings of a new church being planted very soon. 

Take the short drive past Vedauwoo...


...and you find your self in Laramie (home to University of Wyoming).  Here you would meet Danny & Talissa Smith who are planting a collegiate church called Expedition.   God is doing great things on our only University in Wyoming.  The stories of life change amongst several college students give us much hope for what God is doing with this generation!

Continue west on I-80 and you will find Rock Springs where we hope to plant both a multi-generational church as well as a collegiate church.  This town of over 23,000 souls desperately needs more faith communities started and we hope to be a part of one soon!

A short jaunt further west and you will hit the beautiful town of Green River where Rondie and Melody Taylor are planting the awesome Living Hope Church.  In only a years time they are reaching so many young families that they need a larger children's ministry area!  The impact that Living Hope has had on its community cannot be overstated.  


Not too far north of I-80 is the small town of Kemmerer.  Al & Kathy Bella moved to this town in 2014 to plant Living Water Community Church.  Al has seen many people saved and much progress in this town known as the place of the first JC Penney's store.  They even moved into an permanent building this year that was once the home to a strong church.  

The last stop on this near 400 mile East to West Road Trip would be the town of Evanston.  On the Utah border, Evanston has an incredibly low percentage of christians and only a few churches.  With 13,000 souls, we hope to be part of a new church plant here as soon as God reveals the family he has called to lead the work. 

One thing each of these areas has in common is that they are each in need of prayer.  Pray that God will bring a great move of His Holy Spirit as church planters serve and as new churches begin.  Pray for provision for the many needs.  

Speaking of provision, did you know you can become a vital part of our support by becoming a '3:16'er'?   What's that you say?  Financially support our church planting network at $26.34 per month ($316 per year) and you can do more than take a road can help meet tangible needs in the ministry here.  

Join us next week as we take another Road Trip around a different section of our state.