On The Road Again - Cowley, Wyoming - Water of Life Church

Today, our family heads to northwest Wyoming to Cowley.  This is where our friends and ministry partners, Johannes and MaryBeth Slabbert, are planting Water of Life Church.  Although I (Chris) have been to Cowley 6 or 7 times during the week, we have never been able to worship with this new church on a Sunday until now.  It is so exciting to get to spend time with folks who are part of this new church...a church that wasn't even in existence only months ago.  

It has been quite a journey for the Slabbert family.  Moving from North Carolina to Casper back in 2015 had to be hard.  They served at WindCity Church as Church Planting apprentices for a year before heading to Cowley.  This is a picture of our apprentice team at that time.  


http://www.foreverwestchurchplanting.com/alumni - Here is a link to the Alumni of our Network's apprenticeship program.  

http://www.foreverwestchurchplanting.com/water-of-life-church - Here is more info on Cowley and Water of Life Church.  

It is our joy to travel this great state and be a part of God's Kingdom work by seeing new churches planted.  We are praying for more.  Not every church planter is as 'Wyoming-ish' as Johannes (see below picture) but God is using each person and their unique gift-set to serve Him just as Johannes uses his work with horses to be a blessing.  


http://www.foreverwestchurchplanting.com/future-apprentices - Maybe you are praying about what is next in your own journey of following and serving Christ.  Take a look at our apprenticeship program.  You could be sensing a call to our great state to help us reach the over 60 communities that have zero evangelical church.  Not long ago, Cowley was on that list...but no longer!  

God breathes life into new things all the time and He regularly uses Christ-followers to accomplish that mission.  

You can also help us plant more churches by joining our support team.  An easy way to get started is by becoming a 3:16'er.  For only $26.34 you can bless our Wyoming missionaries with $316 annually.  Click here to join: http://www.foreverwestchurchplanting.com/give/