Help support missions across Wyoming

The Forever West Network is funded by partner churches and individuals from all around the US and is directly managed by the Eldership of WindCity Church in Casper to provide excellent accountability.  We are actively seeking more partners and will seek to sponsor many church planters with resources given by those who choose to support this great cause.  Many partners set up recurring gifts of any amount and you can do that today by clicking the ‘Help Support’ buttons for any of our designated funds below.

Forever West Church Planting

The easiest way to begin supporting is to become a ‘Three-Sixteener’. For only $26.34/month ($316/year) you can give amazing support that is easy to budget. Just follow these three steps to join the team:
Step 1 - Tell us your shirt sizes so we can put you on our Fall and Spring Mailing list to receive our appreciation gift.
Step 2 - Click the ‘Sign Up Button’ to begin the recurring gifts to the ministry, and include your best mailing address.
Step 3 - After signing up you will be sure to sign up for our prayer newsletter.

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Support One of Our Church Plants

Each church that our Network helps launch or develops a partnership with depends greatly on external financial support in its early years. Here you have the opportunity to give direct financial support to any one of our partner churches so that they can continue to expand their mission of reaching their community with the Gospel of Jesus. Click the tab for one of our Church Plants to get started today.

Support a Future Church Plant

There are many places around Wyoming that are in need of a new church plant. We are praying over several new location, but they will need substantial support in the early years and you can financially support one by clicking the tab of your choice here. You can also choose to give directly to our Forever West Network in the Forever West Church Planting tab which will help the overall planting process of each campus.

Support a Church Planting Apprentice

Help us Prepare the next Forever West Church Planters by financially supporting our apprenticeship program. This is a 12 month intensive program where the apprentice moves into one of our Wyoming towns that has a Forever West Apprenticeship opportunity and serves alongside that church planter to learn the context of Wyoming and practical church planting skills. The apprentice spends the final months of their apprenticeship ensuring they have a clear sense of Calling from God to plant a church. If they do then they begin developing their specific vision and strategy for their upcoming Church Plant and then move into that town (if it requires a move) and our Network moves into the Sending Phase. You can choose to give directly to our current apprentice or help us develop support for our next apprentice by clicking either of these tabs.